Rebellious acoustic-electric conscious reggae rock.
"Streetlevel Uprising is raw, poetic, and damn good at crafting songs." -Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music

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Ali: Revolutionary

Ali, he never stayed on the mat 
Even when they made him give them his title back 
Took away his means but not his will to fight 
Sent a shock down the system when he spoke up for rights 
It only takes one to stand against iniquity 
Even a small axe can topple the heaviest tree 

-Streetlevel Uprising, “The Pendulum Swing”

A lot of people are talking about Muhammad Ali right now. They’re recounting stories about the athlete who destroyed opponents in the ring and the entertainer who enthralled a national…

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Review: Living Colour show at Knuckleheads, Kansas City, MO – 9/23/14

I’ve been a Living Colour fan since their debut album, Vivid, came out. They are one of my five favorite bands of all time and one of the few hard rock groups I listen to. I hadn’t seen them live in nearly 21 years and Bill had never seen them, and so it was with massive excitement that we rolled out to Kansas City on one of our trademark guerilla trips. 
Knuckleheads is a big, classy joint in an area that doesn’t look like it could possibly contain such a place. You weave through blocks of industry just…Read more

A Philosophical Question About Hatred

In the "Yada Yada" episode of Seinfeld, Jerry swoops in on Beth, whose marriage has just dissolved, a woman he's been interested in for a while. At the end of the show, he and Beth are together at a wedding and Jerry catches flak from the groom's dentist father for a dentist joke Jerry had told to a mutual acquaintance.

Beth: What was that all about?

Jerry: Oh, I said something about dentists and it got blown all out of proportion.

Beth: Hey, what do you call a doctor who fails out of med school?


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My Favorite Cover Versions

I’ve always enjoyed playing covers and typically incorporate at least one into each of our live sets. But I also have a strange addiction to hearing covers performed by other artists.  What follows is a list of my faves, in no particular order (except the last one). 
“Take on Me”, Reel Big Fish – One of the better-known ska bands from the 90s playing one of the biggest pop hits of the 80s. The upbeat groove and punctuating horns that play A-ha’s familiar melodic theme make this version one of the few on this…Read more

The Origin of the Uprising

A little over a year ago I began recording Dusk to Dawn Revolution. I had written a lot of songs during the months prior and with my band, Takedown Theory, on hiatus, I decided to record the new stuff. My original intention was to record only acoustic guitar and vocals for every song, but the thing took on a life of its own and I started hearing additional instrumentation in my head. 

I asked Bill to add his six-string bass to most of the tracks while Justin provided the tight groove on “Trapped in the…Read more
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